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Over the span of 20 years, knowledge was accumulated and skills cultivated with much scrutiny, through hard work and diligence in the industry. All of this converged into one company, Rosemont Title Insurance Agency, LLC. We are dedicated to providing our services, knowledge, and expertise to all parties involved. Sellers, buyers, realtors, builders, and lenders are guaranteed an experience that excels all expectations. We are set on providing our clients, both commercial and residential, with a level of service that instills confidence and security.


We provide an experience with over 20 years of imbued family values of hard work and dedication. One that you can rely on and trust, with a garentee for the best results.


We are committed to your security throughout the entire closing process. To demonstrate our commitment, we maintain processes and procedures to ensure your information is secure.


Over the years we have developed incredibly proficient standards, allowing us to give you a seamless and unforgettable experience throughout the entire process.

Cassandra Serrano Founder | CEO

My Journey

Rosemont Title Insurance Agency, LLC was founded by Cassandra Serrano. Cassandra at the early age of 15 was employed in a title insurance agency. Her mother, with ample experience of her own, paved the way that expanded over 20 years.

Now with a title agency of her own, she has made this industry her passion, and looks to guide others and educate them. Cassandra has imbued her family values of hard work and dedication into her company, and the name itself is derived from her family’s last names; Rodriguez, Serrano, and Montanez

Cassandra Serrano

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